2022 Obliteride Annual Report

Want to learn more about the amazing community that came together last year?
Take a look back with our 2022 annual report.

A Message From Obliteride Director Jim Birrell

Jim Birrell

Fred Hutch Obliteride celebrated our 10th year this August — and this community came out with a record-breaking, heart-filling show of joy and connection. THANK YOU! 

After two years of being apart, the energy on Obliteride weekend was amazing. From dancing at the Friday Night Party to cheering folks across the finish line on Obliteride Day, our in-person event in Seattle was unforgettable. And from Austin to Atlanta and Canada to Croatia, our virtual challengers showed us how it’s done — biking, kayaking, knitting and more. 

This season, we welcomed a record-setting 5,500 participants and 430 volunteers on more than 450 teams. And, together with our sponsors, donors, and partners, we raised more than $4.8 million dollars — our largest fundraising amount ever — for innovative science at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. 

Obliteriders: we are so grateful. We could not do any of this without you.  

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this exciting 2022 report. It’s a great way to get to get know your fellow participants, meet some of our sponsors, and learn about the work you support. 

Even more importantly: I hope you’ll feel proud of all you’ve accomplished this year. On behalf of myself, the Obliteride team, and everyone at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center: Thank you. We are honored that you're part of this community and inspired by your dedication to helping Fred Hutch cure cancer faster. See you next year! 

Participant and Team Stories

Laura Sisemore and son running at Obliteride

Healthier, Together

“I ended up doing the Obliteride 5K, and my son did it with me," said Laura Sisemore (right). "He and I cheered each other on the whole way, and right before the finish line, he grabbed my hand and said, ‘Come on Mom! We have to cross together!’ Knowing that my kid saw his mom trying her best to be healthy and active and wanted to be a part of that meant so much.”

Team Stripe members smiling for the camera

United for Good

Team Stripe returned for their second Obliteride, uniting teammates from Seattle to San Francisco and across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This year, 163 “Stripes” raised more than $40,400 — along with awareness for Fred Hutch.

Reggie Kimborough and Sophe Ap smiling for the camera

Giving Back

Reggie Kimborough (right) and Sophe Ap, former research scientists at Fred Hutch, volunteered at Obliteride along with their son, Ridden (left) and their daughter, Josie. In addition to giving them a chance to show their commitment to Fred Hutch’s mission, Obliteride is “a good time for the entire family to practice giving back,” said Reggie.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc. team photo

Community Commitment

"We are committed to supporting the thriving life science sector in our region and state," said John Cox, senior vice president — regional market director for Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. "Supporting Obliteride and Obliteride teams is a fantastic way to reinforce that mission. We enjoyed connecting with this incredible community to help fight cancer and infectious diseases."

Michelle McGree and mom jumping in front of Obliteride I Ride For wall

Taking Action

Obliteride is a personal commitment for Michelle McGree (left), who rode with her mom (right), dad, and the Blazin Saddles team. “I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and a stubborn, hopeful, enthusiastic lover of life. Cancer never has, and never will define me,” said Michelle. “I started riding when I had my double mastectomy …  and then I found Obliteride: A way to help myself while helping others.”

Lease Crutcher Lewis team jumping in unison under Obliteride sign

Safety and Support

Lease Crutcher Lewis returned for their 10th year. As official Safety Sponsor, Lewis outfitted volunteers with safety vests, provided vital equipment for Obliteride, and rallied their volunteers and participants, who raised an outstanding $65,791!

10-Year Participant Spotlight

Carolyn Callaghan

“I couldn't be more proud to support the lifesaving research at Fred Hutch. But this year it's personal. In December [2021], I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In my 17 years of working at Fred Hutch I have seen the advances we've made. That's why I participate year in and year out, and why I participated this year — with my amazing sister by my side.”

Carolyn Callahan with sister
Carolyn (pictured at right) with her sister in their 2022 Obliteride jerseys. “She’s always looking out for me,” said Carolyn of her sister.

Our 2022 Season By the Numbers

$4.8+ million

Raised to support
Fred Hutch


(a new record!)






Fred Hutch employee participants and volunteers





Donations received



Participants who raised $1,000 or more


Fred Hutch researchers supported


Corporate sponsors

3+ million

Impressions on social media


Social media followers

You Power Research, Care and Cures

100% of participant-raised dollars go to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Over the last 10 years, the Obliteride community has fueled more than $40 million in breakthrough work at Fred Hutch. With your partnership, Fred Hutch scientists, clinicians, and staff are advancing prevention, treatment, care, and cures for cancer and infectious diseases — and improving countless lives.
Our goal? A healthier life for every person in every community.

Dr. Tom Lynch speaking at Obliteride

"Cancer does not affect one person. It affects a father, a sister, a family, a community. Together, we built this Obliteride community to raise the resources we need to fight cancer. I cannot think of anything more worthwhile."

— Thomas J. Lynch, Jr., MD, Fred Hutch president and director, holder of the Raisbeck Endowed Chair, and 2022 Obliterider

About Us


From first-time Obliteriders to 10-year participants, our event united thousands of people in 2022.  

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Whether they joined to have fun, honor loved ones, be part of a company team, or for another reason, every participant made a difference.

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Whether they joined us in Seattle or picked their own virtual challenges, Obliteriders went all-out for cancer cures in 2022! Here’s a look at how participants joined up this year.

3,800+ in-person participants, 1700+ virtual participants
in-person activities graphic


It all starts with a simple question: “Will you support my Obliteride?” Whether participants raised $1 or $10,000, their fundraising — and the support of their donors — fuels breakthrough research at Fred Hutch. THANK YOU! As of November 1, 2022.

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Where the Money Goes

Fred Hutch researchers, clinicians, and staff count on Obliteride to support world-changing science — and our community answers the call! Thanks to our generous sponsors, 100% of every participant-raised dollar goes right to work.

Our 2022 Obliteride-funded researchers are harnessing the immune system to fight cancer and infectious diseases. Learning how tumors start and spread. Developing new treatments and making those we have more personalized and effective. And pushing the limits of scientific discovery to improve and save lives. 

Meet the researchers you support:

Richard Adeyemi, DVM, PhD

Richard Adeyemi, DVM, PhD

Learning how cells fix their broken DNA to understand cancer origins and inform new therapies.

Daniel Blanco-Melo, PhD

Daniel Blanco-Melo, PhD

Understanding our immune response to new and evolving viruses to improve treatments for current and emerging threats.

Marie Bleakley, MD, Ph.D., MMSC

Marie Bleakley, MD, PhD, MMSC

Developing therapies that optimize the cancer-fighting power of immune T cells while reducing side effects.

Susan Bullman, PhD

Susan Bullman, PhD

Studying how a type of bacteria leads to aggressive colorectal cancer to better prevent and treat it.

Burcu Darst, PhD

Burcu F. Darst, PhD

Improving screening by identifying genetic and other risk factors for prostate cancer in diverse populations.

Scott Furlan, MD

Scott Nicolas Furlan, MD

Learning how immune T cells behave during and after treatment to improve immune-based therapies for children.

George Georges, MD

George Georges, MD

Refining blood stem cell transplantation and testing it to treat severe autoimmune diseases.

Leslie Goo, PhD, MPH

Leslie Goo, PhD, MPH

Researching mosquito- and tick-borne flaviviruses, including dengue and Zika, that threaten people worldwide.

Michael Haffner, MD, PhD

Michael C. Haffner, MD, PhD

Linking cellular changes to different prostate tumor pathologies to enhance diagnosis.

Aakanksha Singhvi, PhD

Aakanksha Singhvi, PhD

Illuminating the role of glia, which form one-half of our brain cells, in Alzheimer’s and autism.

Nasa Sinnott-Armstrong, PhD

Nasa Sinnott-Armstrong, PhD

Distilling complex genetic and environmental factors to better predict disease risk.

Christina Termini, MM, PhD

Christina M. Termini, MM, PhD

Uncovering how blood stem cells repopulate the bone marrow after radiation and transplant.

Masumi Ueda Oshima, MD, MA

Masumi Ueda Oshima, MD, MA

Improving stem cell transplantation and follow-up to catch relapse early. 

Joshua Veatch, MD, PhD

Joshua Veatch, MD, PhD

Designing new immunotherapies that harness immune T cells to fight lung and skin cancers.

Bo Zhang, PhD

Bo Zhang, PhD

Harmonizing medical records and study data to recommend changes in disease diagnosis and public health measures. 

About Fred Hutch

Leading-edge Science, Compassionate Care

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is an independent, nonprofit organization that serves as UW Medicine’s cancer program. This unique relationship creates a powerful team for adults facing cancer. Fred Hutch unites comprehensive cancer care with advanced scientific research to provide the latest cancer treatment options and accelerate discoveries that prevent, treat and defeat cancer and infectious diseases worldwide. Fred Hutch is the only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center in Washington and has earned a global reputation for discoveries in cancer, infectious disease and basic research, including important advances in bone marrow transplantation, HIV/AIDS prevention, immunotherapy and COVID-19 vaccines. Fred Hutch operates eight clinical care sites that provide medical oncology, infusion, radiation, proton therapy and related services and has network affiliations with hospitals in four states. Our work includes:


Our first generation of engineered T cells are curing some patients with blood cancers. Now we’re building on this success to design T cells that are effective cures for all types of cancers. 

Cancer Research

Our work to prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure cancer could not be more urgent. We are on the path to revolutionizing cancer treatments and care.

Precision Oncology

We’re uncovering a stunning range of variables that determine how tumors behave and finding new opportunities to precisely target cancers with personalized treatments.

Patient Support

We’re charting new paths to enhance the patient experience, reduce the symptoms and stress of cancer, and support our patients and their families along every step of the journey. 

Access For All

In our labs, clinics, and community, we’re addressing widespread and complex inequities in disease prevention, detection, treatment, and outcomes.

Data in Action

We partner across sectors to create new methods that reveal insights in massive datasets and transform data into discoveries that improve early detection, personalize treatment, and save lives.

Infectious Disease and Vaccines

We are working in the laboratory, the clinic, and the cloud to find better ways to protect patients and communities from life-threatening viruses, including HIV and COVID-19.

Sponsor Spotlight

Leaning In With Obliteride

Rajiv Chopra, a vice president of software development at Amazon, describes himself as “a do-er.” He also knows many people affected by cancer. So, when a coworker asked him to join Obliteride as an executive sponsor in 2019, he didn’t have to think long before accepting.

This year, with fellow Amazon executive sponsors Jon Jones, Maureen Lonergan, and David Zapolsky, Chopra stepped up to renew Amazon’s global sponsorship. Amazon and Amazon employees raised over $550,000 to fuel cancer care and research. “Cancer research is as worthy a cause as any, and one where I thought I could be more personally involved,” said Chopra. 

Rajiv Chopra

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