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Frequently asked questions

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Obliteride 2020 is not canceled!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year we’re replacing our live weekend event with something different. You choose the activity, distance, and fundraising goal that work for you and complete them by Saturday, August 8. We’ll have challenges, online events, and incentives to keep you connected and inspired. One thing hasn’t changed: Obliteride remains the fun, community-focused event it has always been.

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Key updates for 2020

When is Obliteride?

Obliteride is Saturday, August 8. You can complete your activity anytime between when you register and August 8. We’ll also have happy hours, challenges, and online events throughout the season to keep you connected and inspired.

How do I participate in Obliteride this year?

It’s super easy! Choose an activity you LOVE to do (biking, running, walking, hiking, square dancing, or whatever brings you joy) and then register. We’ve eliminated the fundraising minimums this year, so set a goal that feels comfortable for you — we suggest $250 or more — and then start training and asking friends and family to support your goal. Give us a shout at if you have any questions.

What will Obliteride funds support this year?

Thanks to our generous sponsors, 100% of participant-raised dollars support lifesaving research at Fred Hutch. Because the COVID-19 pandemic poses an urgent threat, particularly for people affected by cancer, 50% of the funds Obliteride raises in 2020 will support Fred Hutch’s work to halt COVID-19, and 50% will continue to fuel our core goal: curing cancer faster.

If you have a preference about what proportion of your dollars goes to cancer vs. COVID-19 research, please send your request in writing to:
Fred Hutch Obliteride
1100 Fairview Ave. N, J5-200
Seattle, WA 98109

I registered for Obliteride before May 19. Will I receive a refund for the balance of my registration fee now that the registration fee is $35?

Any amount you’ve already paid over the new $35 registration fee will be transferred to a self-donation for the 2020 event. If you wish to postpone your participation in Obliteride until 2021, please email us at and request to credit your registration fee to the 2021 event. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact us at We are here for you!

I’m already registered. Will I still be charged the fundraising minimum?

You are no longer required to raise a fundraising minimum, and your credit card information has been removed from the system. When you log in to your Participant Center, you will see that you can still set a goal, but the required commitment has been removed. We encourage you to set a goal that feels comfortable for you — we suggest $250 or more. Now more than ever, Fred Hutch researchers need your support!

I’m already registered for Obliteride, but even with the changes to the event, I am concerned about participating. What should I do?

We completely understand! Please reach out to us at so we can help address your concerns. We are here for you!

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Is there a registration fee for Obliteride?

Yes, the registration fee for all ages and all activities is $35.

How old do I need to be to participate in Obliteride?

Age requirements are gone this year. Any and all ages are welcome to participate in Obliteride 2020.

If I register for an activity and want to change it later, can I?

Of course! Simply email us at and we’ll help you make any changes.

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What is the minimum fundraising commitment for my route?

There are no fundraising requirements for Obliteride this year. We still encourage you to set a goal that feels comfortable for you — we suggest $250 (or more if you are able). Remember, thanks to our generous sponsors, every dollar you raise supports lifesaving research at Fred Hutch.

How do I change my fundraising goal?

Once you log in to your Participant Center, you can edit your fundraising goal from your dashboard page. Simply click the pencil icon next to your current goal to adjust it.

When is the fundraising deadline?

Raise as much as you can between now and Saturday, August 8. We’ll announce the total raised then. You have until Thursday, September 17, to finish fundraising and secure any matching gifts.

Are there still fundraising incentives?

Absolutely! Check out the prizes and bragging rights you can earn on our Incentives page.

I have thoughts on fun ways to fundraise virtually. Where can I share my ideas?

We would love to hear your ideas! Please share them on your social media pages using the hashtag #Obliteride and tag @Obliteride so we can repost your content. Or email us at Get creative, but please be sure to stay within health and safety guidelines.

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What happens to the donations I’ve collected now that there are no fundraising minimums?

Your donors’ gifts are already hard at work in our labs. At a time when fearless science is needed more than ever, Fred Hutch researchers are applying their deep expertise across the research spectrum, from immunology to public health, to advance cancer discoveries and track, prevent, and treat COVID-19.

Because this pandemic poses an urgent threat, particularly for people affected by cancer, 50% of the funds Obliteride raises in 2020 will support Fred Hutch’s work to halt COVID-19, and 50% will continue to fuel our core goal: curing cancer faster.

How do I donate to Obliteride to support lifesaving research at Fred Hutch?

Donate online with your credit card. Alternatively, you can mail in donations (cash, check, or credit card) using our offline donation form. Please make checks payable to Fred Hutch Obliteride. If you are donating to a specific participant, be sure to include the person’s name (and team name, if applicable) to whom you are donating on the check memo line.

Obliteriders: If you receive a check that is made out to you, you can endorse the check on the back to Fred Hutch Obliteride. Please do not deposit the check in your personal account and write a new check or pay via credit card. We must have the original check endorsed to Fred Hutch Obliteride for the donor to receive a tax receipt. Be sure to include the participant or team name to whom you are donating on the check memo line:

Fred Hutch Obliteride
1100 Fairview Ave. N, J5-200
Seattle, WA 98109

What do I do if a donor gives me cash?

Please email us at to make arrangements for receiving cash donations. Use the offline donation form to track any cash donations you receive. If you have the name and address of the donor, we will send a thank you and tax acknowledgement. If you choose to deposit the cash donation and write us a check or make a donation online, we CANNOT send the donor a tax acknowledgement.

Is Obliteride/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution? Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Obliteride is an event put on by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the state of Washington and accepting donations from all 50 states. Our tax ID number is 23-7156071. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

All donations made payable to and received by Fred Hutch Obliteride will receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes. If you donate online, you will receive your tax receipt instantly via email. Please keep it for your records. If you donate via check, the name and address appearing on the check will receive a thank you and tax acknowledgment. If you donate cash and have the name and address of the donor, we will send a thank you and tax acknowledgement. If a donation is not sent directly to Obliteride by the donor, we cannot provide a tax acknowledgement.

Does Obliteride accept matching gifts?

Yes! Matching gifts are an easy way to increase your fundraising. Be sure to encourage your donors to submit matching gift requests to leverage your fundraising. You and your donors can also check to see if a company has a matching gift program.

If you do not see the company’s name, you may simply ask the human resources representative or the employer’s matching gifts representative to submit paperwork to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Be sure to note that the matching gift is for Obliteride. Once we receive the matching gift, we’ll post the funds to your participant page. Please note the time it takes to receive the actual gift can vary depending on your company. Some companies will send the money within a couple weeks of your request, while others take months.

What if someone from a foreign country wants to donate to my Obliteride?

They can simply donate by credit card to your personal fundraising page and enter the amount in U.S. dollars. Please encourage any Canadian friends to donate online instead of by check.

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Should I still create a team now that Obliteride is not an in-person event?

Definitely! We’re all learning new ways to do things together but apart, and Obliteride is a perfect event to do with friends and family no matter where they live. Plus, it’s way more fun to do something with others. We’re here to help you build and lead your team from a safe physical distance. You can create your team when you register or email us at if you have any questions.

Does everyone on my team have to do same activity?

Not at all! We encourage Obliteriders to build blended teams of riders, walkers, runners, and participants who choose their own activity.

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I have volunteered with Obliteride in past seasons. Will there be roles for volunteers this year?

As we reimagine our event in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re still figuring out what form our volunteer program will take. At this time, we do not anticipate having any volunteer roles this year.

However, we still need your big hearts and energy! We invite you to consider registering as an Obliteride participant. With our updated choose-your-own-activity option, low $35 registration fee, and ZERO minimum fundraising, it’s easier than ever to become an Obliterider this year.

What can I do to help?

JOIN US and register for Obliteride! This year, be part of our amazing community while riding, walking, running — or doing an activity of your choice! It’s a great way to get outside, take action, and support lifesaving research.

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