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Researchers in the Berger Lab at Fred Hutch.

You power cures

Obliteride fuels the science that will change the world 

We need fearless science now more than ever. That’s where you come in. Your Obliteride dollars are supporting research that will help stop cancer, halt the spread of COVID-19, and save lives. Because this pandemic poses an urgent threat, particularly for people affected by cancer, 50% of the funds Obliteride raised in 2020 will support Fred Hutch’s coronavirus research, and 50% will continue to fuel our core goal: curing cancer faster.

Researchers in the Berger Lab at Fred Hutch.

100% of participant-raised dollars support lifesaving research

We all want to live in a world where there are cures for life-threatening diseases like cancer and COVID-19. Together, we’re fueling the science that will make it happen. Thanks to our generous sponsors, every participant-raised dollar supports Fred Hutch researchers who are working on the front lines to combat disease and create a healthier, safer world for everyone. Learn more about their work.

Dr. Trevor Bedford

The virus detective

Dr. Trevor Bedford is tracking changes in the novel coronavirus’s genetic code as it moves from person to person using Nextstrain, a tool he developed with peers at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Nextstrain shows how the virus is spreading geographically and, in the absence of widespread testing, has been instrumental in understanding how many people have COVID-19.

Dr. Filippo Milano

Cures for all our patients

Dr. Filippo Milano’s lab uses umbilical cord blood — collected with the mother’s permission after the baby is born — to create potentially lifesaving stem cell treatments. The approach is especially important for patients who might not otherwise find a matching donor.

Thanks to you, we’re heading toward a world where we can not only treat cancer, but we can prevent it before it starts.

Dr. Holly Harris, public health researcher

Dr. Elizabeth “Betz” Halloran

THE Policy leader

Dr. Betz Halloran is a global expert in using statistics and dynamic models to understand infectious disease outbreaks and to evaluate vaccines and vaccination strategies. She has been advising the World Health Organization and is part of a team modeling the anticipated spread of COVID-19 for the White House.

Dr. Holly Harris

Helping women stop cancer before it starts

How might lifestyle and genetic factors affect a woman’s risk for breast and ovarian cancer? Dr. Holly Harris is learning more. By focusing on these factors, her work is giving women new information for decisions about risk, prevention, and screening.

2019 Obliteride-supported researchers

Dr. Daphne Avgousti
How viruses hijack the cells they infect

Dr. Sue Biggins
How cells divide

Dr. Mark Headley
How cancer successfully metastasizes

Dr. Christopher Johnston
Building tools to target the microbiome

Dr. Parth Shah
Using pharmacies to improve access to cancer care

Dr. Monica Thakar
Preventing relapse in pediatric cancer patients

Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research (HICOR)
Reducing the economic and human burden of cancer

Dr. Alice Berger
Precisely targeting mutations in lung cancer

Dr. David Fredricks
How the human microbiome affects health

Dr. Ollivier Hyrien
Improving analysis of the immune system

Dr. Ulrike “Riki” Peters
What factors affect colorectal cancer risk

Dr. Lucas Sullivan
How cancer cells change their building blocks

Dr. Viswam Nair
Improving lung cancer screening and treatment

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Obliteride is for everyone!

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