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2021 Obliteride Annual Report

A message from Obliteride Director, Jim Birrell

Obliteride Director, Jim Birrell

Obliteride makes a difference. 

This outstanding community is a powerful force for healing, action and fearless science at Fred Hutch. As we gathered worldwide for our second virtual season this year, your commitment closed the distance between us. Together, we honored our loved ones and funded breakthrough research to improve and save lives. 

Thanks to you, Obliteride had a record-breaking season. More than 5,400 people from 40 countries, all 50 U.S. states and six continents rode their bikes, cooked, kayaked and more. They joined up with more than 9,800 donors and dozens of sponsors to raise more than $4.2 million for Fred Hutch, bringing our nine-year total to more than $36 million. 

I know many of you have missed the high-fives as the COVID-19 pandemic shifted us to a virtual platform again this year. Yet I’m thrilled to see so many new participants choose activities they love and complete their goals! 

On behalf of my team, and everyone at Fred Hutch, I am grateful to the participants, donors and sponsors who made this season possible. 

Now, as we look forward to our 10th anniversary in 2022, we are more committed than ever to making Obliteride a welcoming and inclusive experience for everyone. Whether we high-five in person — or virtually — I can’t wait to join this amazing community once again. See you in 2022!

Participant and team stories

Lianne Cruz Horvath

"Being diagnosed with cancer, especially during a pandemic, can be isolating, but participating in Obliteride allowed my family and friends to join me and in a way, fight it with me. It may have been virtual, but the love and support from everyone is palpable."

Ekim Dinc

"One year ago, I lost my father to cancer. … 'There is no question that science cannot answer,' he used to say. 'The answer is simply a matter of commitment and time.' To honor my father's memory, I joined Obliteride … so that I can help cure cancer through scientific research."

Areum Yoon

"I paddle-boarded with my husband, Jaeho, to fight to cure cancer. We [paddled] for his mom, Moonja, who is in treatment for brain cancer. She was diagnosed almost 10 years ago … It's why we Obliteride."

DocuSign Teams

DocuSign returned this year with amazing dedication — expanding their teams by an astounding 700% and raising more than $445,000 (more than any other corporate team in Obliteride history)  to fuel research and help obliterate cancer!  

Microsoft & Friends

Microsoft & Friends, led by Rich and Karmann Kaplan and Arup Roy, returned for the ninth straight year. Together with their team, they raised over $115,000 and recorded nearly 7,000 miles for cancer research.  

Seagen Teams

Seagen geared up to make this year's Obliteride one to remember! An astounding 100% of their team members fundraised to obliterate cancer! Now, they are preparing for 2022!

Shannon O'Fallon, Amazon Obliteride Lead

Team captain spotlight

“I can't speak for everyone, but I think [at Amazon] we're all hungry to do more and really make a difference with important causes,” says Amazon’s Obliteride lead Shannon O’Fallon. 

Thanks to her vision and leadership, Amazonians are united from Minneapolis to Singapore to honor their loved ones and support cancer research at Fred Hutch. 

Read more about Shannon’s powerful personal journey.

By the Numbers

Record-breaking number of participants
Million raised to support Fred Hutch
Total teams
Of participants joined a team
Corporate sponsors
Fred Hutch researchers supported
Participants raised $1,000 or more
Million impressions on social media
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Federal funding pays only about 70% of the cost of doing research. We rely on Obliteride to help fuel the fearless science it takes to save lives.

Dr. Thomas J. Lynch Jr., Fred Hutch president and director, holder of the Raisbeck Endowed Chair, and 2021 Obliterider (on right)

You power lifesaving research

100% of participant-raised dollars go right to work at Fred Hutch

Over the last nine years, the Fred Hutch Obliteride community has fueled more than $35 million in breakthrough research on cancer, HIV, COVID-19 and other diseases. Our goal? Prevention, treatments and cures for every person who needs them. We’re all in to save lives and cure cancer faster. 

About us

Our community

From first-year participants to nine-year veterans, Obliteride united people around the world in 2021.  

Why we participated

Whether they joined to have fun, honor loved ones, be part of a company team, or for another reason, every participant made a difference.

How we participated

From reading poems to walking, golfing, and more, Obliteriders went all-in for cancer cures in 2021. Here’s a look at the amazing things our community did this year.

Our leaderboards

Obliteriders everywhere are united to help end the suffering cancer causes. Whether they raised $1 or $10,000, their fundraising and support fuels breakthrough research at Fred Hutch.

Where the money goes

Fearless science at Fred Hutch

Obliteride dollars directly support research to understand, prevent, and treat both common and understudied cancers; advance public health and health equity; make new discoveries in basic science; and advance immunotherapy and other treatment approaches. Cancers and diseases we study include: 

Brain Cancer

BrEAST Cancer

colon cancer



Lung Cancer


Prostate Cancer

2021 Obliteride-supported researchers

From harnessing the immune system to overcoming health disparities and inequity, these fearless researchers are using Obliteride dollars to advance science and help improve and save lives.

Dr. Rob Bradley

Dr. Robert Bradley

Decoding how cells create proteins in order to understand how cancer evades the immune system — and more.  

Dr. Aude Chapuis

Dr. Aude Chapuis

Reprogramming a person's own immune system to fight blood cancers and melanoma. 

Dr. Neel Day

Dr. Neel Dey

Researching how our gut microbiome affects health, from colorectal cancer risk to recovery from COVID-19. 

Dr. Heather Greenlee

Dr. Heather Greenlee

Combining fact-based tools and research to make healthy eating part of cancer prevention and recovery through the Cook for Your Life program.

Dr. Vida Henderson

Dr. Vida Henderson

Reducing health disparities in cancers that affect women by studying the link between social factors and health. 

Dr. A. McGarry Houghton

Dr. A. McGarry Houghton

Helping to improve treatments and create better and less invasive diagnostic tests for lung cancer. 

Dr. Sita Kugel

Dr. Sita Kugel

Creating lab models to understand how pancreatic and liver cancer behave in humans and advance treatments. 

Dr. John K. Lee

Dr. John K. Lee

Advancing new treatments to target prostate and bladder cancers. 

Dr. Kate Markey

Dr. Kate Markey

Reducing complications from bone marrow transplants to make this effective treatment safer. 

Dr. Behnam Nabel

Dr. Behnam Nabet

Creating new technologies to disable the genes that drive cancer. 

Dr. Megan Shen

Dr. Megan Shen

Improving end-of-life care for cancer patients, with a focus on Hispanic and other communities.

Dr. Jhimmy Talbot

Dr. Jhimmy Talbot

Unlocking how our gut communicates with bacteria and microbes — and how gaps can lead to illness.  

Dr. Trang VoPham

Dr. Trang VoPham

Investigating how factors in the places we live — from pollution to daylight — affect cancer risk.  

Dr. Edus Houston “Hootie” Warren

Dr. Edus Houston “Hootie” Warren

Improving cancer care worldwide and adapting therapies for use in communities with few resources. 

Our work is guided by a focus on several key priorities

Precision Medicine

Improving treatment

Aligning our expertise to create more effective, less invasive and more personalized treatments.


Harnessing the immune system to fight diseases

Expanding immune-based treatments to help more patients, with more kinds of cancer, as quickly and safely as possible.  

Prevention and early detection

Stopping disease before it starts

Helping people stay healthier through research on exercise and diet, genetics, early precursors to disease and more. 

Technology, data, and science

Powerful tools to help save lives

Creating and harnessing groundbreaking new technologies and large data sets to improve patient care and outcomes. 

Viruses and Microbiomes

Making the connection

Understanding the links between cancers, viruses and the microbes in our bodies to improve health.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Greater equity = better science 

Reducing disparities in prevention, screening and treatment while increasing inclusion in clinical trials and training scientists from underrepresented communities.  

Our sponsors

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In-kind partner

Affini-T Therapeutics
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Prime Electric

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ALaska airlines
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Safety sponsors

Amazon and Amazon Web Services: First global sponsor

Sponsor spotlight

Obliteride 2021 had a powerful partner this year, as Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) became its first global sponsor. With support from champions Shannon O’Fallon and Jarmon Hauser, 185 Amazon teams around the globe joined up to have fun and raise more than $265,000 for Fred Hutch. Support from Amazon and AWS helped to dramatically expand Obliteride’s community and unite participants worldwide. 

"The breadth and depth of Amazon and AWS support was more than we could have imagined. We are grateful for their reach, heart and dedication to lifesaving research at Fred Hutch," says Obliteride director Jim Birrell. "We can't wiat to continue this amazing partnership." 

An illustration of a man on a bicycle wearing an Obliteride jersey.

Thank you! See you in 2022.

Thank you, Obliteride community. Your heart and dedication helped us break records and make a difference for lifesaving research at Fred Hutch. Save the date for our 10th anniversary on Saturday, August 13, 2022.