Ways to Fundraise

When you fundraise, you and your supporters join a passionate community that is taking action to cure cancer faster. Every dollar we raise helps Fred Hutch advance cancer prevention, detection, treatments, and cures. We’re here to support you from day one!

Below, you’ll find a downloadable fundraising guide jam-packed with tips to help you meet your fundraising goals. Plus, once you register, there are lots of helpful tools and templates in our online Participant Center!

2023 Obliteride Fundraising Guide cover

A New Tool for Every Fundraiser!

Our must-read, all-in-one-guide will give you the tips and resources you need to meet — and exceed — your fundraising commitment. Before you do anything else, be sure to download the guide for ideas and inspiration!

Why Fundraise?

Fundraising empowers you and your community to make a BIG difference for a cause that matters to you. Every dollar you raise funds Fred Hutch’s groundbreaking work, allowing our more than 5,700 researchers, clinicians, and staff to push beyond today's treatments and drive urgently needed advances from the laboratory to the clinic as quickly as possible. With every donation you receive, every day of training you log, and every mile you ride, walk, or run, you put your dedication to work for innovative research and compassionate care. So go ahead — you’ve got this. And we’re here to help!

Ideas for Fundraising

Not sure how to kick things off? Here are tips Obliteriders have found helpful.

A woman flexes her muscles in excitement

Feel Good About Asking

When you ask for a donation, you’re giving people the chance to help improve and save lives. That’s something to feel great about!

A little boy walks in honor of his grandma

Share Your Story

It is powerful to share why you Obliteride. Your personal story will inspire people to donate! Want to share your Obliteride story with us? Tell us why you Obliteride.

Participants taking a photo

Get Creative!

Offer people the opportunity to join you for a training walk or ride if they donate; host a barbeque for supporters; or invite donors to cook a family recipe with you. Your dedication will inspire people to give. 

Two people pose for a selfie

Harness Social Media

Social media is a great tool for fundraising. Post pictures, challenges, and personal messages; ask for donations; and share a link where people can donate!

A volunteer rings a bell in the air

Offer Incentives

For $10, donors get a dedicated mile; $50 chooses your training workout; and $200 puts their name on your Obliteride jersey or T-shirt. (Obliteriders say this approach is very effective.)

A volunteer leans over a desk to ask a participant how she can help.

Ask Everyone!

A lot of people have a reason to help cure cancer faster! Don’t be afraid to ask your coworkers, book groups, and friends to donate. And remember — people are busy, so it's OK to send them a gentle nudge. Your community will appreciate a reminder to support you!  

Obliteride Is for Everyone!

Take action to help cure cancer faster.