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A cycling team in matching jerseys rides along the Obliteride route

A team for everyone

Ride with family. Walk with coworkers. Or make new friends. There’s a reason more than 80% of Obliteriders train, fundraise, and participate as part of a team. It’s a great way to have fun and get inspired.

Of course, whether you participate solo or with a group, Obliteride is a powerful experience of community and support. But why not find your dream team this year?

How teams work

Every team has at least one team captain who organizes the group and helps everyone stay on track, fundraise, and meet their goals.

There are different kinds of teams, from employer-sponsored teams to friends and family joining up for a great cause. All can include a mix of riders, walkers, runners, virtual riders, and volunteers.

How do I join?

If you’ve been invited to a team, or know the one you’d like to join, select it at registration. If you’d like to join a team but don’t have one in mind, register for Obliteride first. Then, email teams@obliteride.org and we’ll help find a group for you!

How do teams fundraise?

Generally, you must meet your own fundraising commitment. If someone donates to you, it goes to your commitment. If they donate to your team, your captain(s) may allocate the money. Scroll down to learn more or visit our FAQs for more information.

Why join a team?

It’s fun! There is no better way to train, build meaningful relationships, and support a great cause. Plus, you’ll have access to team challenges, team-specific events, a team concierge, and more.

Find the right team for you

Event sponsor teams

Who: Colleagues and friends of a company sponsoring Obliteride.

Registration and fundraising: If you are on an event sponsor team, your employer will help coordinate your team’s registration. 

Why join: Have fun with your colleagues for a great cause.

Friends and family teams

Who: Any group ready to join together for cures!

Registration and fundraising: You are responsible for your registration fee and fundraising commitment. Donations made to you apply to your commitment. Donations to the team can be distributed by the team captain(s) at their discretion.

Why join: Friends and family teams bring hundreds of people together for an amazing day of fun and community.

Corporate teams

Who: Colleagues and friends of a company supporting the event by contributing to team fundraising efforts.

Registration and fundraising: If you are on a corporate team, your company will donate to your team fundraising total. Your team captain(s) can distribute those funds at their discretion. You will still be responsible for your registration fee and fundraising commitment.

Why join: Change the world and have fun with your colleagues!

Fred Hutch and SCCA teams

Who: Staff and researchers at Fred Hutch and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance who want to take a stand for their work, patients, and passion for cures.

Registration and fundraising: For the 25-mile bike route, your fundraising commitment is $300. For the 50- and 100-mile routes, it is $500. The 5K remains $300. There is no registration discount.

Why join: Join hundreds of your peers and come out in force for the community and families you serve!

My favorite part of Obliteride was bringing a team together and supporting a cause bigger than all of us.

2019 Obliteride survey respondent
An illustration of a man on a bicycle wearing an Obliteride jersey.

Ready to register?

Have fun, make friends, and help cure cancer faster. See you Saturday, August 8.