Join an Obliteride team to make friends and get inspired! No matter how you participate, there’s a team to welcome you. This page has all the details.  

How Teams Work

When you sign up for Obliteride, you’ll be invited to join a team — and every year, 80% of our participants do! Connect with friends, family, or coworkers or start your own team this year. 

Who Can Join a Team?

Teams can include bikers, runners, and walkers participating in-person in Seattle; virtual challenge participants; and volunteers. Every team has at least one captain, who will coordinate activities for your group.

How Do I Start a Team?

When you register online for Obliteride, you'll have the option to create a new team — and become the team captain! Your responsibilities will include recruiting team members, setting up a team fundraising page, and supporting your group throughout the season.

How Do I Join a Team?

If you know the name of the team you’d like to join, search for that company or team name when you register. (The registration flow will guide you!) If you’d like to join a team but don’t have one in mind, we can help! Just register for Obliteride, and then email us and we’ll help you find a team that matches your goals!

Why Join a Team?

It’s fun! Teams are a great way to stay motivated and make friends while supporting a great cause. Plus, you’ll have access to a team concierge, team incentives, and more.

Can I Participate on My Own?

Of course! Many Obliteriders choose to participate on their own. You'll feel the camaraderie and connection of this amazing global community, whether you join a team or not!

A group of cyclists in a line

Switching my Obliteride experience from "me" to "we" as a captain amplified community vibes and fundraising abilities.

John D., team captain, Catch the Spider

Which Kind of Team Is for You?

Friends & Family Teams

Who: Anyone ready to join together for cures!

How it works: In-person riders and 5K participants, virtual challengers, and volunteers* can all join. You’ll be responsible for your registration fee. Donations can be given directly to your personal fundraising goal or to support the entire team.

Why join: It’s a great way to make friends, train with other people, and have even more fun! 

Company Teams

Who: People who are part of a company that has set up one (or more) Obliteride teams.

How it works: When you participate as part of a company team, as a participant or a volunteer*, your company or employer may support your Obliteride in a variety of ways. Reach out to your company’s Obliteride team captain(s) to see what benefits are available to you.

Why join: Company teams are a fun way to make a difference and connect with your colleagues! 

*Volunteers: You do NOT have to register as an Obliteride participant to join a team, but you MUST complete the volunteer registration.

10 Years of Joy and Community

Obliteriders have fun and make a difference. We can’t wait to welcome you to our anniversary season.

Ready To Register?

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