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Discover your inner fundraiser

An Obliteride 5K Walker smiles after the event

Sweat your route — not your fundraising!

Taking action never felt so good! Now, more than ever, your sweat and dedication count. Whether you raise $1 or $10,000, the most important thing is your participation. So go ahead: With no minimum fundraising requirement this year, you can set the goal that works for you. Give your community the chance to stand up for health. And make summer shine!

Photos from Obliteride 2019

Here’s a look back at our 2019 event. This year, the group hugs can wait — but our amazing connection won’t have to!

Fundraising 101 — virtually!

Not sure how to kick things off? No problem. Start with the tips below, develop your own plan, and see how far your heart and dedication can take you!

Rider in decorated helmet smiles for the camera.

Feel good about asking

You’re giving people the chance to take action against cancer and COVID-19 by supporting scientific research at Fred Hutch. That’s something to feel great about — for you and your donors.

Participant tells her story for the crowd.

Share your story

It can be powerful to share why you Obliteride. Your personal story is authentic, inspiring — and your most effective fundraising tool. 

Participants taking a selfie.

Be creative!

Raffle a prize, post yourself singing a song on social media for a donation, or make and sell a T-shirt. People love connection and give more when they see your dedication.

Participants taking a selfie.
A team of riders pose for a photo

Harness email and social media 

Surprise: Both are great tools for fundraising. Pictures, challenges, and personal messages get people invested (and donating).

A team of riders pose for a photo
A group of employers participating in Obliteride.

Use matching gifts

Many employers will gladly match donors’ gifts dollar for dollar — doubling their contributions and boosting your goals. Visit our Matching Gifts page to learn more.

A rider crosses the finish line of Obliteride

Offer incentives

For $10, donors get a dedicated mile. $50 chooses your workout. And $200 puts their name on your jersey. (Obliteriders say this approach is very effective.)

The world is counting on science. Scientists at Fred Hutch are counting on us. Let’s take action together.

Jim Birrell, Obliteride Director

Your home base — and ours

Put your Participant Center to work

Log in to set up your personal fundraising page today. The Obliteride Participant Center has tools to help you reach out to donors, learn about fundraising, track your progress, and meet and exceed your goals.

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Get to know Fred Hutch

For 45 years, Fred Hutch researchers have worked at the leading edge of science to prevent, treat, and cure cancer and other diseases. Through Obliteride, you and your donors are supporting a fearless organization built on visionary science, bold collaboration, and an urgent mandate to protect, improve, and save lives.

About Fred Hutch
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