We came up with our top 10 list. But we know there are a thousand more reasons to participate. Tell us your #1 reason and one lucky person will be the proud owner of one of our super cool Obliteride t-shirts. Leave a comment below no later than next Wednesday, February 6 and we’ll announce the t-shirt winner in next Friday’s blog post. Check back soon!


10. Our t-shirts are the coolest in town!
9. You look good in spandex!
8. We’re here for you. We’ll help with fundraising tips, cheerleading, you name it!
7. People are losing loved ones by the minute to cancer.
6. Because YOU can.
5. Nothing beats good food, great music, and an August weekend outside.
4. You’re going to want the bragging rights.
3. You’ll want to say you were at the FIRST Obliteride.
2. You believe that our future can be cancer-free.
1. Together we can SAVE LIVES FASTER.