Volunteer registration is now closed.  If you are still interested, we are in need of course marshals and Finish Line support at Magnuson Park on Sunday, August 10.  Email volunteer@obliteride.org
While volunteer registration is closed; everyone is encouraged and welcome to join us for the Finish Line celebration that will be rocking from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. as we welcome back the riders. The Finish Line celebration at Magnuson Park is free for your friends, family, and the community at-large. 


Find a location that's convenient for you:

Job Categories

Have a specific job in mind?

Pre-event setup

  • Setting up tables, chairs, fencing, tents and lights
  • Hanging banners and placing signage
  • Loading in equipment


  • Greeting riders as they arrive
  • Checking in teams and riders
  • Handing out rider swag bags

Onsite support

  • Assisting in the info booth, merchandise booth or volunteer area
  • Checking bikes/bags
  • Cheering at the start/finish line
  • Providing parking directions to participants

Food & Beverage Team

  • Restocking ice, beverages, compostables
  • Hand out water and/or energy drinks to participants at the finish line
  • Monitoring the entrance of the hospitality tents
  • Clearing tables and disposing of trash (don't worry you get to use a pretty awesome garbage picker upper)

Medical Support

* Must provide proof of a medical license.

  • Either driving or riding in the SAG vehicles
  • Assisting in the Medical booth at the start/finish venue
  • Incidents you may deal with: dehydration, road rash, muscle soreness, concussion or broken bones

Course Crew

Wherever the Need is Greatest

  • Thanks for the flexibility; you'll have fun no matter what.