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Ride, train, wear orange and join the thousands of riders committed to accelerating cancer research.

Adult Riders

Adults, 18+

There are two ways to register as an adult rider: ride the route solo or with a team. Once you’ve decided on how you’d like to ride, it’s time to choose a route!

There are four route options, each with a corresponding registration fee and minimum fundraising goal.

Sunday, August 10th

Saturday, Aug 9th and/or Sunday Aug 10th


150-mile route riders have the options to ride the whole loop over the weekend, grab a partner and ride it as a relay, or choose a challenging point to point options. Cover 85 miles on Saturday or 65 miles on Sunday – your choice, either way you’ve got a challenging ride with the best views around. You also have the option to grab a partner and ride it as a relay.

Teen Riders

Minors, 14-17

Teens, this is your way to hop on your bike, make an impact and be part of something great. Pick from the 25, 50 or 100-mile routes and get rolling on your own or with a team. Teen riders are asked to fundraise $500 regardless of the route chosen.

Kid Riders

Kids, 3-13

This year, we wanted to be sure to include an option for young kids to participate, so we created a 1-mile route that’s sure to help them burn off some of that boundless energy. There is a small registration fee, but no required fundraising goal and it’s a great way to ensure the whole family gets to take part in the fun! Minor riders between 5 – 13 years old are welcome to accompany an adult on the 25-mile and 50-mile routes by way of a tandem or tag-a-long.


Become a "virtual rider" and raise funds for Obliteride! You don’t need a bike, just belief that research is the path to eradicating cancer. Simply donate $25, set up a personal page, and start fundraising.


We really do believe that Together Everyone Achieves More. We all train harder, raise more money and have more fun when we share Obliteride. So, band together with your peeps and start or join a team. A team can be any combination of riders, virtual riders or volunteers, but you need to have a minimum of five participants.

Start a Team

Starting a team is easy: pick a team name, register as the team captain, and start recruiting. If you captained a team last year, you’ll see an option to “bring back your old team”. Voila! It’s in place.

For new teams, a name and team captain is all you need. Either way, send out your team page URL and recruit at least four more riders, fundraisers (virtual riders) or volunteers to join you. You’ll see, it’s better with friends!

Still not sure? Here are some great reason why you start a team:

  • Team tent at the finish line (free for teams of 10+)
  • Fundraise together – pool your resources and ask donors to give to the team
  • Prizes – the largest team and the top 3 fundraising teams receive some pretty awesome prizes.
  • Camaraderie – It’s just WAY more fun
  • More teammates = more money raised = more lives saved faster

Join a Team

Know others riding? Or want to find teams inviting others to join? Simply go to our Donate page then the “Teams” tab. If you know a team name, enter it here. If you want to see the whole list, simply leave the field empty and click Search.
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