how it works

Yep, it’s a bike ride, but the grit of true belief, true conviction that we can all do something together to fight cancer makes Obliteride unique. 

If you're a veteran Obliterider, you know how to get rolling. Click the register now button below, select your age, route, complete the form and just like that you're ALL IN to ride with us in 2016.

Need more info? Scroll down to find out how the ride works.
  1. Choose your distance
  2. Regiter with a small fee
  3. Raise the money (or fund yourself). [Each distance has a corresponding minimum, and we of course encourage overachievement.]
  4. Get ready, get set. [Train if you want, bond with your team mates.]
  5. Go. Join us Aug. 12-14 for a weekend of festivities and fitness.

adult riders

Ages 18+

Grab your bike, select your route, register and commit to the fundraising minimum for that route. Then ask everyone you know to donate to cancer research. Get rolling and double your fundraising commitment to become a Pacesetter. Not only does that double your impact, but it also gets you some goodies and bragging rights. Rally friends and receive more cool stuff.

Sunday, Aug. 14


Saturday, Aug. 13 AND/OR Sunday, Aug. 14

Two-day riders have the option to ride the whole loop over the weekend, or choose a challenging point to point option. Cover 85 or 100 miles from Seattle to Tacoma along the Kitsap Penninsula on Saturday or 65 miles from Tacoma to Seattle on Sunday – your choice, either way you’ve got a challenging ride with the best views around. Get yourself to the start line and we'll get you back after the ride.

85 or 100-mile

junior riders

Ages 10-17

This is your chance to hop on your bike, make an impact and be part of something great. Loop around Lake Union to support women's cancer research. Junior riders are encouraged to fundraise.

  • Ages 12-17: can ride the 10-mile route solo (meaning individually on your own bike) without a parent/legal guardian
  • Ages 10-11:
    • Can ride the 10-mile route solo (meaning individually on your own bike) and must ride alongside a registered parent/legal guardian OR
    • Can ride the 10-mile route attached to a parent/legal guardian via tandem or tag-a-long

kid riders

Ages 3-9

We encourage the whole family to get involved. We offer a variety of options for kiddos, ages 3-9:
  1. The 10-mile route on Obliteride weekend. Kids must ride attached to a registered parent/legal guardian by tandem or tag-a-long bicycle. 
  2. More to come...check back in early Spring for alternate kid options.