spread the word

Are you so psyched about Obliteride that you want to tell others and become an Ambassador? Well, we’ve created a set of resources that should make it really easy to compel others to support Fred Hutch by participating in Obliteride. Start spreading the Obliteride love now.

Obliteride Wallpapers

We hope you enjoy these background images. Be sure to share them with your friends and take the chance to promote Obliteride!

Visual Materials

We love that you are out promoting Obliteride; these resources will help you represent our mission clearly and consistency:


Here are a few resources to help guide you:

OFFLINE DONATION TRACKING FORM - use this .pdf to track checks and cash you receive - done
RETURN ADDRESS LABELS - download the pdf and print onto Avery Address Label Number 5160 or equivalent (1”x2 5/8”)


youtube videos

Your fundraising makes a huge impact and your donors want to know. You can see all about Where the Money Goes and send these videos with your fundraising asks.

Impact-Video-Screen-Grab-Bradley.jpg Dr. Phil Bradley
Impact-Video-Screen-Grab.jpg Dr. Damian Green
Impact-Video-Screen-Grab-Moens.jpg Dr. Ceclia Moens
Impact-Video-Screen-Grab-Salama.jpg Dr. Nina Salama